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MATISEN team: Materials for information technology, sensing and energy conversion.

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De MATISEN team: Materials for information technology, sensing and energy conversion.
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Research activities of MATISEN team

The activities of the MATISEN team are at the interface between the physics of electronic materials and the development of elementary semiconductor devices. They are based on the team's multidisciplinary skills in the development of thin films by physical or chemical methods, and in the fabrication and advanced characterization of electronic, photovoltaic or optical devices.

Our work aims to better understand the physical mechanisms governing the growth of nano-structured thin films, to modify materials by chemical or physical treatments and to study opto-electronic properties that have a strong impact on device operation (electrical conductivity, charge carrier mobility, band structure, absorption and emission spectra, etc.). The materials are generally designed to be integrated as an active element in elementary devices in order to improve their "performance" or to provide new functionalities.

The materials studied (since the creation of the team) are, among others, crystalline or microcrystalline silicon, metal oxides based on zinc or tin, nitrides, oxides and oxynitrides, ferroelectric inorganic perovskites, carbon materials such as graphene or Diamond Like Carbon (DLC), semiconducting polymers and molecular semiconductors. It should be noted that organic materials are developed in close collaboration with several teams of chemists and physico-chemists from local public laboratories which gave birth to the "Strasbourg electronic organic " consortium STELORG.

The team's work is organised into 2 main activities which are described in more detail below:

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