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MATISEN team: Materials for information technology, sensing and energy conversion.

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De MATISEN team: Materials for information technology, sensing and energy conversion.
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C3-Fab Platform

The C3-Fab Platform offers ways of elaboration and developing innovative processes for the realization of elementary components and their characterization. These developments are based on heavy resources:

  • resources for implementing ion beams of a few keV to a few MeV (accelerator and implanter)
  • a clean room for the development of small devices or inorganic components

  • glove boxes dedicated to organic electronics
  • resources for morphological, structural, optical characterization of materials and more specific means for testing and characterizing elementary components and integrated systems.

The MaCEPV team is the main user of the C3-Fab platform. Its equipment makes it possible to carry out numerous projects in the field of micro and nanotechnologies, photovoltaics and sensors; they cover a broad spectrum of studies ranging from the physics of materials to the development of demonstrator devices.

There technological platform comprises the following elements:

Originality / Strengths:

  • Bottom-up and top-down approach
  • Process development
  • Silicon-based and complete organic-based Photovoltaic / organic electronics
  • Broad spectrum of ion beams, unique facility in the Grand-Est region and INSIS
  • Implantation / irradiation heavy ions at high energy
  • Grouping of significant resources on a single site


C3-Fab is open to any partner (both internal to the institute and external) wishing to benefit from the expertise and potential to develop research programs or to optimize new concepts within the framework of a scientific collaboration or service provision.


It is integrated in a number of networks; Ion implantation equipment and the silicon photovoltaic sector are labeled by the national network of CNRS technology centers (Renatech) and are part of the Grand-Est network coordinated by the FEMTO-ST power plant in Besançon.